Counterfeit bills

Klamath Falls, Ore. – While you’re out looking for great deals on ‘Black Friday’, you should also keep an eye out for counterfeit bills.

The start of the holiday shopping season also sparks a rise in cases of counterfeit currency.

“We have a lot more money going in and out of stores.”  Notes Captain Rob Dentinger of the Klamath Falls Police Department.  “So we definitely see an increase in counterfeit bills.”

Dentinger adds that shoppers, and checkers need to pay particular attention to larger denomination bills…

“Really, it’s the feel.  That’s going to be your first indicator of a counterfeit bill, it just doesn’t feel right.”

“Different things to look for is the ink, does it smear.”  Adds Stephanie McVey of Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union.  “Do the pictures and seals on the paper look like it’s flat, and not so much raised.”

And what should you do if you get a suspicious bill?

“I would probably recommend taking it first to your financial institution.”  Says McVey.  “They could probably verify it for you.  If not, you’re welcome to take it to local law enforcement as well.”

Captain Dentinger notes that trying to pass the bill along to someone else can get you in big trouble…

“I would suggest not passing it any farther.”

“Please don’t pass them along.”  Adds Pacific Crest’s McVey.  “Along the line somewhere, someone’s going to get stung with the bill – so it’s best if we can stop it right there at that time.”

If you’re convicted of passing counterfeit bills, you could face federal charges and a 15 year prison sentence.

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