V.A. Clinic problems continue, says Coos Bay couple

Klamath Falls, Ore. – The Veterans Administration claims they’re making progress improving service and waiting times at V.A. Clinics…but a couple from Coos Bay say there’s still a long way to go.

Anni Anderson says her dad Milton Durham was bit by a brown recluse spider in late October, and that it took 3 weeks to get him into a V.A. clinic.

“They didn’t even look at it.”  Claims Anni Anderson.  “They didn’t even take a picture of it.  They just told him to go on home, and it would go away with time.”

Anderson says it took a call to Senator Jeff Merkley’s office to get action.

“My dad is currently in the hospital in Coos Bay.”  Notes Anderson.  “Having issues with hie heart as a result of having to be off medications for a week just so they could do the surgery on his arm.”

Anni’s husband Eric Anderson is also a vet with V.A. troubles.

“I’m not getting my annual physicals.”  Says Eric Anderson, retired from the U.S. Navy.  “I call, make the appointments, they’re canceled.”

The Anderson’s don’t believe they’re the only ones experiencing problems with the V.A.

“The vets aren’t getting the care that they should be getting at the ground level.”  Says Eric Anderson.

The Anderson’s believe vets should have to fight the battle on their own.

Anni Anderson:  “Go to the V.A. clinic with your veteran to see what he’s going through.  Go with him, and sit with him for hours while they wait for medical care.”

Eric Anderson:  “And report, good and bad – let the state reps, let the area reps know what they saw.”

Speaking with NBC2 Monday morning, Anni Anderson says her dad Milton Durham is still recovering in a Coos Bay hospital from recent surgery.


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