Saved by EpiPen, local man wants to see prices come down

Medford, Ore.– A Medford man says the EpiPen saved his life this summer and while the medicine has been easily available to him he’s frustrated that the drug is hard to come by for others.

This July Andris Olinz olins and his wife were hiking the Pacific Crest Trail when he was stung by a bee.  Knowing he’s allergic Olins was carrying his two EpiPens.  When the first dosage didn’t work his wife administered the second pen.  Another hiker with a  satellite phone was able to call for help, saving Olins life.

“Without my wife and the EpiPen I wouldn’t be here period,” says Olins.  “Seems like there should be competition instead of a monopoly situation to drive the costs down and yeah [it’s] unacceptable if someone is going to die.”

Because of Olins’ health insurance, he says the EpiPen has been affordable for him, but he knows that’s not the case for many.  He says he’d like to see a generic brand on the market.

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