Smoke forces KU summer camp indoors

Medford, Ore. — Smoke is continuing to be a nuisance on outdoor activities this summer. So much so, staff at Kids Unlimited had to rework its whole programming schedule. Summer camp staff said it’s taken a great effort to relocate all of the outdoor activities, indoors.

But considering no programs had to be cancelled other than swimming at the local pool, they said it was worth it.

“We have a whole summer planned out for these kids and with the smoke coming in and derailing the program that we have for the summer,” said Darien Hardaway, summer camp supervisor for Kids Unlimited.

Hundreds of kids signed up for summer camp at Kids Unlimited this year.

“We have no outdoor activities in – it’s probably been about a month now,” Hardaway said.

Poor air quality forcing summer camp to do a 180 with its plans.

“The kids haven’t been able to go outside to play,” Hardaway said.

All outdoor activities were relocated indoors.

“Luckily, we have two gyms and we’ve been using about eight to ten classrooms here,” Hardaway said.

Kids in summer camp range from kindg

“They’re just dying to go back outside, they are dying to go back outside,” Hardaway said.

Unfortunately, this year’s smoke streak hasn’t allowed it.

“The fact that the kids had to stay inside, their energy has risen a little bit,” Hardaway said.

With camp wrapping up for the summer, staff said the changes were better in the bigger picture.

“They understand that what we’re trying to do is keep them safe and make sure that they are in good and healthy shape – so they are away that they have to stay inside,” Hardaway said.

And luckily, the kids are going home healthy and happy. Friday is the last day of summer camp at Kids Unlimited. With the first day of school in a couple weeks, Kids Unlimited said if poor air quality is still an issue, it will make plans for indoor activities during recess.

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