“Stand Up, Speak Out” against mental illness

mental illnessMedford, Ore. — Medford-based Compass House is trying to remove the stigma around mental illness.

The group held their annual “Stand Up and Speak Out” event at Alba Park Friday afternoon. The event is designed to change the misconceptions surrounding people with mental illness.

” ‘It’s because they’re not a very good person, or they’re not very smart, or they have used drugs and alcohol and caused their mental illness’, that’s a huge part of stigma,” Laurel Nickels of Asante’s Behavioral Health Unit says.

“Although mental illness is a struggle for many people it’s not something to be afraid of,” Kathleen McNeill of Compass House adds.

Asante provided the Compass House with a $25,000 check to pay for a 2 year lease on a 6 unit transitional home for Compass House members.


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