Talent woman’s dog mauled and killed by loose dogs

TALENT, Ore.– A talent woman says her dog was killed over the weekend after being mauled by a loose pair of dogs. Surgeons at the animal hospital tried to save it but were unable to.

The owner, 72-year-0ld Joann Scovotti, is now left with thousands of dollars in medical bills she’s trying to figure out how to pay. She’s hoping for restitution from the owner of the two dogs but either way, she says it’s an incident that never should have happened.

To Scovotti her rescue dog Lucy was what made her happy. For over a year the two were inseparable. Most days, they would be found taking walks around Talent. But on Sunday, during a morning walk, before Scovotti went off to Bible study, Lucy was attacked.

“Her whole back was ripped open and they then threw her and her right side was so severely damaged,” said Scovotti, remembering the traumatic moment.

She says from what seemed to be out of nowhere, two german shepherds mauled the 11-year-old Maltese.

“I was trying to get them off and kick them and do anything I could and it was just horrible,” she said.

Managing to fight them away, Scovotti says a friend rushed them to the animal hospital in Central Point. Several hours later, she received the news from the doctors.

“If you want to say goodbye you better get here now because we’ll just keep her breathing because she’s gone,” said Scovotti, recalling the final phone call.

Talent police were able to find the owner and capture the dogs. According to a police report, the owner was surprised the dogs has gotten out. They’re now being held by Jackson County Animal Control until a decision can be made.

However, Scovotti – whose retired and lives on a fixed income – is left with nearly $8,000 in medical bills. She says she’s willing to pay if she has to but would prefer justice.

“I would like to see him make restitution to me and have the dogs put down because I don’t – we can’t trust them again,” she said.

As Talent police investigate, Scovotti just wants to make sure this doesn’t happen again. She’s concerned that if they get out again, what’s stopping them from attacking another dog or worse – a child.

Talent police have not brought any charges against the owner of the two dogs yet. A decision to euthanize the animals hasn’t been made either. However, police say citations or fines may be issued once the investigation wraps up.

Scovotti says her niece has started a GoFundMe online to help raise money to pay for the bills. You can find out more here.

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