Tires punctured along an entire street in Talent

Sometime Wednesday night between 1 and 4 a.m., tires were punctured on every single car lined up along one side of the street.

“It’s one thing to have one tire popped, but two? What do you do with that?” Talent resident Robin Parker said.

Seven cars targeted, two tires popped per car.

Residents in a Talent neighborhood woke up Thursday morning to an unwanted sight.

“7:30 we’re all standing out here going… nobody can go anywhere,” Parker said.

Robin Parker says her son’s car was parked along Rogue River Parkway.

His car was one of many on the street where someone slashed the tires.

“We don’t really have trouble…. so this is the first time and then everybody’s car got hit,” Parker said.

Parker’s husband had recently bought new tires for Christmas.

But for the neighbors… the cost to repair their four cars was nearly $1,200 dollars.

“Somebody actually being vindictive… that makes me scared. But I’m hoping it was just kids messing around,” Parker said.

Parker has a theory as to why it happened Wednesday night.

She says… the power went out taking away their main light source for most of the night.

“During the power outage this street was black. That’s what happens when this light goes out… so basically the light just needs to stay on,” Parker said.

And there is one silver lining.

Parker says she’s very close with her neighbors and they all came together in a time of need.

“It’s so important to know your neighbors, and watch out for each other. I’m so grateful that this street is really good for that,” Parker said.

If you have any information regarding the punctured tires, contact Talent Police.

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