Continuing dam removals to promote fish activity

MEDFORD, Ore. – Another dam was removed in the Applegate Subbasin, as part of an effort to promote wildlife.

Water-Watch Oregon says it cleared the abandoned concrete ‘Lovelace Dam’ on slate creek.

It says it’s the fifth dam removed in three years.

This is a part of a project, supported by multiple organizations, to remove unused dams.

Water-Watch tells us that early settlers built a lot of dams, that aren’t being used, that are still affecting wildlife.

They say dams cause still water to heat up, which isn’t good for certain species and limits where fish can go.

Water Watch Oregon’s Jim McCarthy said “in the case of this dam, because it didn’t have a well-designed fish ladder, fish had a very hard time moving upstream to get to the 26 miles of habitat where there’s cold, clean water. [It’s] some of the places that they want to get to the most, so they can have the most success reproducing.”

After each dam’s removal, wood structures are being placed along the creeks to simulate habitats.

Water-Watch of Oregon tells us that they plan to continue tearing down more unused dams in the area.

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