Orchard Hill Elementary overcrowding issues

MEDFORD, Ore.–The City of Medford Planning Commission has to figure out how to deal with the future overcrowding of Orchard Hill Elementary.

The CSA Planning Company is a real estate consulting group that collected data for the Commission about the Medford 549C and Phoenix-Talent school district. The full report can be viewed here.

The report is officially called the Long-Range Facilities Master Plan and was completed in November.

The main issues the company found are focused on Orchard Hill Elementary, but there are some minor problems with Phoenix Elementary, Talent Elementary, Talent Middle School and Phoenix High School.

The problems that need to be addressed first are Orchard Hill Elementary’s lack of space to hold the growing amount of students in the next 15 to 20 years, cafeteria being too cramped for the current student body, and bus drop-off/parent pick-up section being too congested.

A possible solution to the capacity issue is to use the 11.73-acre property on Coal Mine Road and North Phoenix Road. This land is not being used and is owned by Phoenix-Talent School District. However, CSA Planning Company notes that part of the property is a wetland so that may be a building issue.

The Planning Commission will talk about the problems found in the master plan on January 14th.

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