Talent woman’s dog attacked by large animal

Talent, Ore. – A Talent woman says her dog was found attacked in a park near her home. Police say this could have been anything, but the vet says it has the potential to be a cougar attack.

Amber’s beagle, named Tug, underwent surgery today. She asked NBC5 to not use her full name. She says this incident has her concerned not just about her animals, but for her family’s safety as well.

On Wednesday night, Amber’s dog, Tug got out of the garage when the door was accidentally left open. She wasn’t concerned until she got a phone call from the Talent Police Department saying Tug was being taken to the vet for bite marks near his tail.

“I did get to see him and the bite marks are big and that’s why they think it was a cougar because the bite marks are so big,” Amber said.

Amber said Talent Police told her they found Tug at Chuck Roberts Park, just a seven-minute walk from her front door.

“We definitely do live in a more natural area, but I always think that animals like that stay more out of town,” she said. “I think that’s the part that’s a little bit scary to me is where he was found was actually in town.”

Although Amber isn’t concerned about a cougar attack happening during the day, she’s now going to keep a closer eye on her pets.

“We have two that are super easy and one that if you leave the door open for even a second he’s gone, so I think just keeping an eye on your pets is a big deal,” she said.

The Talent Police Department says this attack could have been any kind of large animal, maybe even a bigger dog. There’s no way for the vet to know for sure if this was a cougar attack or not.

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