Tiny homes may be coming to your town

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — Rogue Retreat in Medford is getting a lot of attention for its tiny home project to help address homelessness.

Since Hope Village opened in October of 2017, 69 people have been able to get off the streets.

Hope Village has seen a 62% rate of success in finding permanent housing for those that have used its services.  The project’s success in transitioning people into more permanent housing has inspired other communities to want to do the same.

“We’re often now working with other groups almost consulting and coaching with them based on our experience of how we did it and how they might be able to do it in their community as well,” said Matt Vorderstrasse, development director with Rogue Retreat.

All care health and a few other organizations in Josephine County are in the beginning stages of working with the non-profit to bring a tiny home project or a similar project there.

AllCare Health is supporting community-led efforts to bring affordable and transitional housing services to Josephine County.  Data shows that providing housing and shelter improves health outcomes for individuals, promotes public health, and reduces health care costs.  Stories told by people at Hope Village and other programs show us how lives are improved and how people and families are strengthened through housing and services.  We’re excited for the opportunity to work together with our community to help make Josephine, Jackson, and Curry Counties healthier and more livable communities for everyone.

Rogue Retreat have also been contacted by organizations from the cities of Brookings, Del Norte County, and Chico in northern California.

“This is something that communities can do that could at least help mitigate some of the issues around homelessness as we work on the bigger picture of affordable housing,” Vorderstrasse said.

For more information about the project, you can visit this website.

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