Cops lift car off dying woman

10.10 POLICE LIFT CAR(KOB) A police officer’s body camera captured a heroic but ultimately futile effort to save a woman trapped under her own car.

As soon as Officer Jon Lilywhite entered the K-Mart parking lot in Farmington, New Mexico his camera was recording.

It captured him radioing in to report that the woman was still under the car.

He approaches the car, calls out to the woman, and tries to get her to respond.

At that point, another officer says, “Let’s move this thing,” – referring to the car.

As Lilywhite heads back to his patrol car to get a jack, five other officers have a better idea, and by the time he returns, they were ready to lift the car off the woman.

Five cops knuckle under and lift the car off the woman while Lilywhite pulls the woman’s body out from underneath.

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