Republican’s plan to repeal Obamacare

NC_lv50r_700x394Later today Republicans are holding what they call and “enrollment ceremony” to get rid of Obamacare.

After dozens of attempts, that bill is headed to the president’s desk today – where it’s going… Nowhere.

Congress passed it. The President won’t sign it. And lawmakers don’t have enough votes to override. But Republicans are still celebrating. “This marks a big step in the fight for patient-centered health care for ALL Americans,” declared Rep. Tom Price, (R) Georgia.

Democrats call it political theater and a waste of time. “Everybody know this will take about a nanosecond for the President of the United States to veto,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen. (D) Maryland.

“Exercising your Constitutional right and power to legislate is never wasted if you’re fighting for principles your constituents believe in,” said Rep. Kevin Brady, (R) Texas.

The bill would also strip millions from Planned Parenthood – after conservatives argued taxpayers shouldn’t fund a group that performs abortions. “People have waited for years for this moment to destroy a bill – to put 22 million people out of reach of medical care,” said Rep. Charlie Rangel, (D) New York.

There don’t appear to be enough votes in either the House or Senate to override the President’s veto. “Ultimately, this is going to require a Republican President,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan, (R) Wisconsin.

“We can do much better. We will do much better,” said Rep. Charles Boustany, (R) Louisiana.

Republicans are promising to outline a replacement health plan by the end of the year.

But it’s unlikely that alternative would get a vote before President Obama leaves office.

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