Valley Cab setting new safety rules after beloved cabbie was murdered

Medford, Ore.–  Valley Cab Owner, Craig Owen said ever since Huey Huson died in 2012, many of his employees have been on high alert.

“We’re all more cautious and weary and leery,” said Owen.

He said they’ve implemented some new rules like employees are allowed to carry weapons on them to protect themselves.

Another rule is that if you’re calling from a street or corner, you must have an exact address or else they won’t pick you up.  “Before, three years ago, drivers would be more willing to take the chance and now they say,’nope im not goign to do that ride.'”

And Owen said if someone had to take a long drive to drop off or pick up a customer someone will be checking in with the driver every 15 minutes.

“Every driver has a story of something  that has happened. Every weekend there’s one incident at least where they kick someone out because person wont pay fare and their so disorderly.”

They also use their phone to keep track of one another.

Owen said each of his employees have a background check and he hopes to have cameras installed in the cabs pretty soon.



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