Vaux’s Swifts return to Hedrick Middle School

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Vaux’s Swifts have returned to Hedrick Middle School in Medford to spend another night in the school’s chimney.

The swifts are a unique kind of bird because they don’t have any thumbs. That makes it difficult for them to find places to sleep at night.

According to Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, the birds like to find trees with holes in them of old chimneys that haven’t been sealed.

Hedrick Middle School’s chimney was built in the 1950s and every year during the migration the birds come to stay in the chimney.

“As a teacher of social studies anytime you can have kids involved in things that can help change their community, that’s a golden teaching opportunity so were happy,” 7th-grade teacher, Koeby Johnson, said.

The school hosted their second annual viewing party Monday night.

It was sponsored by the Rogue Valley Audubon Society and Southern Oregon Land Conservancy.

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