Weekends at NASCAR

Medford, Ore. — Only on Five. All week long we’re introducing you to rogue valley residents you may or may not know that have a hidden talent.

Chris Walker’s been working for Jackson County for nearly two decades, and served as the Jackson County Clerk for the past nine years. She’s a woman who’s always liked to keep busy, which is why she likes to spend her weekends at the racetrack.

You’re used to seeing Walker at election time – working in crowds of people – to make sure your vote is counted. Chris is one of seven siblings, so she likes the activity, and the family feel the elections workers create.

Those qualities are also what attracted her to her passion – NASCAR.

“It’s the family. Just like anything, even the county, you have people that you work with day in and day out. You spend more time here than you do probably in your personal lives at home. NASCAR is no different,” she said.

For the last 15 seasons, Walker’s spent around 13-15 weekends each year traveling to work for NASCAR.

“I call myself a Jack of All Trades,” she said.

Working in everything from pre-race, to driver introductions, and even to the famous ‘drivers, start your engines.’  All this, in addition to being the Jackson County Clerk, 40 hours a week, 5 days each week.

“There are times that I get really tired,” she said.

No matter how tired she may be, walker says the motivation comes from her personality.

“I like to be busy. Complacency and me just don’t get along. The busier I am, the more motivated, the more excited I am.”

The racetrack is no stranger to Walker. Growing up, her family would watch her dad and uncles race every weekend.

“I don’t know how my mom did it. But all us kids running around.”

She remembers the races vividly.

“My mother used to dress us in white pants, a red and white plaid shirt, and then cowboy boots. That was our racetrack outfit with like a red windbreaker,” she said.

It’s those memories that led her to work for NASCAR.

“Didn’t surprise me that eventually I moved on to working in the industry, because I have so much passion for racing,” she said.

A passion that’s given her joy like no other.

“I’m really grateful for the people, for the NASCAR family that i have. There’s a lot of blessings that come in shapes and forms and this has truly been a blessing in my life,” she said.

January will mark Walker’s 15th anniversary working with NASCAR.  NBC5 asked her if she had any plans to go full-time with NASCAR, and she said it’s not in the plans. Right now, she’s content being the Jackson County Clerk and pursuing her healthy getaway.

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