Wimer family’s lambs shot and killed again

Wimer, Ore., — Last week the Embshoff family woke up to four of their newborn lambs dead, on their private property.

After keeping a close watch on the remaining two babies for the week, the family let down their guard.

Only to be hit again on Sunday.

“We came out and sure enough he’d been shot twice. Once in the rump and once in the neck. ”

Now the family has taken the final baby, and the rest of the female sheep to a different property, in fear it will happen once more.

“We’ve moved him off the property for his own safety, he’s being cared for by somebody else along with all the females, all the females have been removed.”

The Embshoffs’ aren’t the only ones worried about what will happen next.

Kimberly Howell runs a dog rescue out of her home in Wimer.

With fourteen dogs currently on her property, hearing about what happened to her neighbor’s lambs is worrisome.

“Not very safe, not very secure. We have some very delicate animals, medical needs animals, and we don’t want to be targets.”

So fearsome, Howell has started to take precautions to protect the dogs.

“At nighttime we have two doggy doors to two separate yards, and we’ve been closing off the big one to the bigger area that we can’t see.”

The Embshoff’s are also taking precautions.

And they have a message for the person killing their animals.

“If I’ve angered you in any way, I don’t know who you are, so if we’ve done something to offend you, contact us!”

A reward has been set up at Evergreen Bank for anyone who has information, it already has more than 500 dollars and is growing.

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