Woman detained by ICE agents in Missouri after speaking out, attorneys say

Jackson, Miss. (CNN) — Immigration advocates and family members of detainees are calling for answers after ICE agents in Mississippi took 55 people into custody. One those who spoke out was also taken into custody.

0It has been seven days since ice agents served 8 criminal warrants to restaurants across Jackson and Meridian’s metro areas.

But it is still unclear who all was picked up in the raids, where they are being held, and what charges they could face.

Attorney Nathan Elmore said, “For the people watching this broadcast, I would just ask you to think about these families, think about these immigrants as people just like you with the same concerns and the same fears that many of us have. The same desires to be together as a family unit.”

Now other immigrants tell me they are worried they could be next and if that does happen who will be there to take care of their children, children who are citizens of this country and if everything they have worked for will be taken out from underneath them.

Immigrant Daniela Vargas said, “Today, my father and brother await deportation while I continue to fight this battle as a dreamer to help contribute to this country which I feel is very much my country.”

Attorneys say after speaking out about her concerns, Daniela Vargas was detained by ICE agents.

Vargas was brought to the states at age seven.

Her DACA or deferred action for childhood arrival status is currently expired but her renewal application has been submitted and is pending.

ICE agents confirm Vargas was detained because her legal status is not valid at this time.

It will now be up to a federal judge to decide if she will be deported or given any kind of relief.

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