A rare drug turns up in two cases in Grants Pass

Grants Pass, Ore.– Grants Pass Police are working to keep a rare drug off the street tonight after it turns up in two different cases in the city. Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is a mind-altering drug that causes hallucinations.

On Sunday night, a man was arrested for stealing from an undisclosed  convenience store in Grants Pass. Police say the suspect was acting strangely and admitted to being on the drug.  He was taken to a sobering center.

That same night a female was taken to the hospital who had similar strange behavior leading police to believe she may have also been on the drug.

“It’s getting out there and talking to people, ” explained Deputy Chief Jim Hamilton with Grants Pass Public Safety. “Find out where it’s been coming from, who is bringing it in and then we start figuring out how do we prevent it obviously.”

Deputy Chief Hamilton says DMT takes affect as quickly as 10 seconds and  it can be extremely dangerous.

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