California residents weigh in splitting state initiative

YREKA, Calif.– A new ballot initiative may end up on California’s November ballot. If passed, it would split California into three separate states.

The initiative has already received 600,000 signatures which are being turned in this week for verification.

NBC5 reached out to Siskiyou County voters. People we spoke with said they like the idea because they feel like they’d end up with better representation.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’d really encourage it,” said Yreka resident Willis Thompson. “It’s been a representation for us and it’s something that’s needed. We’re not getting the attention we need up here in the north part of the state.”

The idea to break up the state isn’t a novel idea. Calls for creating a separate “State of Jefferson” have been in the news for decades.

Proponents of that plan want to make Northern California and Southern Oregon one state. This latest initiative is different – it would allow voters to approve creating three states – North California, California and South California.

The idea, to ease problems in the state such as crumbling infrastructure, high taxes and failing school systems.

Critics of the separation however say it will create more problems than it will solve.

Even if the initiative passes in November, Congress would still have to approve the move.

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