Grants Pass murder victim’s family speaks out

MEDFORD, Ore. – The family of a man shot and killed in Grants Pass is sharing why they think it was premeditated.

23- year-old Jhonathan Davis Jr. was shot and killed by Kiernan Fucci, early Tuesday morning, February 6th, 2024, in Grants Pass. And

His parents, Celeste and Jhonathan Davis Sr. are the ones left to pick up the pieces. Celeste Davis said,

“We’re the ones that lost it. I never get to hold my baby again or touch his face or tell him I love him and that’s really hard.”

Davis Jr.’s parents describe him as someone who had a big heart and looked out for his family before his death. Fucci was the one who called 911 and police arrived at his apartment on Park Plaza, finding Davis Jr. dead. Fucci was taken into custody and charged with second degree murder and unlawful use of a weapon. He was arraigned by a judge the next day where he pleaded not guilty. Celeste Davis said,

“What I believe is that he turned himself in to get leniency so that he wouldn’t get too much of a harsh crime, it would look good on himself, that’s why I think that this was planned, if it was an accident and it wasn’t planned, one would be so, he’d be so… distraught, you know what I mean.”

Celeste Davis says that she was able to listen to the dispatch the night her son died. She said she heard that Fucci placed the gun on a counter and calmly gave himself up.

“I truly believe that this was premeditated. I just wish I had got up and knew, as a mother, knew that something was wrong, and I would’ve rushed there, and I would’ve taken him away from there.”

Davis Jr.’s mom said that Fucci was living with his ex-girlfriend, the girl that Jhonathan Davis Jr. was seeing, which is why her son was frequently visiting Fucci’s apartment. And she’s convinced that Fucci was jealous of her son and that’s what led to his murder.

“I was telling Jhonathan, who wanted to go spend the night, I was like ‘Jhonathan, that’s not a situation. That man’s home with his children and his baby’s momma.’ I go, ‘it’s not a good situation,’ I go, ‘he will kill you, honey. Please.’ And he goes, ‘oh mom you’re just being paranoid.'”

She said she knew something was off and that the animosity between the two was growing.

“A week before this, he had called and said he had wanted to come home, so we were going to get him and then he said ‘no, no never mind, never mind.’ And normally I would’ve said ‘no, never mind doesn’t work with me,’ and I would’ve went and got him, but I didn’t.”

Now a few days removed from the incident, Davis Jr.’s parents are focusing on healing. But still have their eyes set on justice. Celeste Davis said,

“I’m hoping that he gets it for life, with no chance of parole, until after my daughter is dead. I don’t know if there’s going to be retaliation.”

The Davis family wants to remind everyone to cherish your loved ones and never ignore potentially dangerous situations that they might get into.

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