Photo: LM Otero/AP

Dallas tragedy hits home

Photo: LM Otero/AP
Photo: LM Otero/AP

Medford, Ore., — In wake of Thursday’s sniper attack on law enforcement in Dallas, many officers and first responders suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

And Medford Police say the attack in Dallas is an attack on all law enforcement, that has an emotional impact that affects nearly every officer in every city, including Medford.

“The law enforcement community is mourning for the events that happened in Dallas. It wasn’t just an attack on law enforcement in Dallas, it was an attack on law enforcement in general.” said Medford Police Chief Randy Sparacino

The sniper attack in Dallas that left 5 officers dead, has become one of the many mass shootings we have seen in recent months.

And it hits home with those who serve and protect our local community.

“We mourn for the fallen, our thoughts and prayers go out to the officers, the injured, the families of the fallen officers.” said Sparacino.

Sparacino says he doesn’t plan to change tactics or responses because of the Dallas attack, but it is heavy on their hearts.

One clinical therapist believes it’s crucial to have treatments in place
to deal with what happened, whether it’s in Dallas or in Medford.

“I think every department in the United States should have PTSD awareness, prevention and education.” said Carla Lundblade, a nationally certified clinical therapist.

Her main purpose is to work with first responders who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

“I think we really need to come up to speed to train our first responders emotionally and train them well, as well as we train them tactically and in every other way.” said Lundblade.

But Lundblade says this type of experience affects everyone, and that treatment is available on all levels.

“It’s not just first responders who suffer PTSD, we as Americans as a whole suffer and that’s going untreated.”

Lundblade also says that for too long there has been negative feelings towards people seeking therapy, but if that mind-set is changed, then it can lead to more positive outcomes.

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