Dutch Bros prayer goes viral

Vancouver, Wa. — Dutch Bros is a company that prides itself on friendly customer service, and the coffee stand on Northeast 138th Avenue in Vancouver is no exception. Everything about it is love, compassion, happiness there’s not a bad emotion that goes on in that stand.

Peirce Dunn was working last Friday when a visibly upset customer came through the line. Turns out the woman had just lost her husband the day before.

Peirce and two co-workers took a moment to pray with the grieving woman. Unsure of what was happening, a customer snapped a photo. Since then it’s gone viral.

The woman shook their hands and said thank you. “I think it was a genuine thank you that someone took the time and moment to say ‘I’m sorry’,” said Dutch Bros employee Evan Freeman.

The employees’ good deed comes as no surprise to owner and operator Jessica Chudek. She said, “If everyone could’ve hung out that window they would’ve, absolutely.”

It’s crazy to think that in such cramped quarters, where everyone should be cranky, it’s a side of compassion that’s being served up with the caffeine.

Even Freeman said, “Just be more mindful of your presence and what you contribute to this world, cause if you contribute positive energy and positivity, then that’s what you’ll get in return.”

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