Local screenings for feature film shot in Southern Oregon Coast

MEDFORD, Ore. – A film shot on the Southern Oregon coast and made by several locals, is hitting the big screen this week.

Ray Robison is the producer of a new feature film, called Bad Fish.

Robison said,

“It’s a story about mermaids but it’s definitely not a story about Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid.'”

Without giving too much away, it’s a horror-thriller film produced on the Oregon coast, by Barbed Wire Media.

Robison tells KOBI5 much of the crew and featured cast are Southern Oregon locals,

“We, as in myself and Brad Douglas, the writer and director, really have our roots in Southern Oregon, we tend to use a lot of the people we know from this area both in front of and behind the camera.”

Robison said it took a lot of work to be able to shoot the entirety of the movie in Southern Oregon,

“Finding all the people, finding the locations, getting permissions to do that. You know, we had to work with Oregon State Parks and Rec. to get permission to film on the beach.”

But after two and a half years of production, it’s ready for release.

Two limited screenings of Bad Fish are coming up this month.

One in Brookings on January 16th and the other at the Varsity Theatre in Ashland on the 17th.

Robison said,

“The independent stuff has its own creative value that only independent filmmakers can really offer.”

Robison said that independent films made in small towns, allow for more diversity in perspectives and creative freedoms, than if big studios were involved.

“I do like the idea that by allowing middle America, small- town America, to be creating films, we can separate ourselves or offer options that those working for the studios aren’t going to ever give you.”

Tickets for the screening will not be sold at the door.

If you want to purchase tickets or learn more, visit their website.

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