FAA fines an increasing number of unruly passengers

(NBC) There are more reports of unruly, often violent, passenger behavior onboard planes. It comes as the summer travel season is ramping up.

The latest example was a chaotic flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta where an off-duty flight attendant tried to get hold of the PA system. Ultimately, the plane diverted to Oklahoma City.

Earlier this month, another delta airlines passenger was arrested after reportedly attempting to breach the cockpit

The FAA says there have been nearly 3,000 reports of unruly passenger behavior already this year, 2,100 of those involving passengers refusing to comply with the mask mandate.

Now, the FAA is doubling down on its zero-tolerance policy for bad behavior with a new set of fines.

A passenger was fined $15,500 for ignoring at least 10 requests from the crew to wear a mask properly and drinking alcohol not served by the airline

A New York to Cancun passenger was fined $10,500 for being so disruptive when asked to wear a mask the flight was diverted to Fort Lauderdale

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said, “If you break these rules, put others at risk and impact their travel times, we’ll prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.”

Misbehaving passengers also face potential jail time and a lifetime ban from flying on that airline.

A mask mandate remains in place through September 13th for all passengers traveling on planes, keeping in mind that half the country has been vaccinated but half hasn’t, including most children under the age of 12.

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