Family members of I-5 shooter say he had undiagnosed mental health issues

Ashland, Ore.- After finding two men dead yesterday at Callahan’s Lodge and near milepost one of I-5, Jackson County Sheriff’s officials have identified the two men.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Ryan Paul Bagley of Ashland was found on the floor of the kitchen at Callahan’s Lodge by a Callahan’s employee.

Jackson County Sheriff’s say that Bagley was killed by 50 year of Neal Brian Norman of Pacific Grove, California. Detectives believe that Norman was driving his 1999 Honda Accord to Oregon to visit a relative but he ran out of gas near Callahan’s Lodge.

Jackson County Sheriff’s investigators later learned that Norman initially went into the lobby to use the phone, and then returned to his vehicle. Norman came back into the lodge with a rifle and went into the kitchen, where he shot and killed the cook, Ryan Paul Bagley. Norman left the Callahan’s Lodge parking lot in Ryan Paul Bagley’s vehicle, a maroon 1993 Subaru Legacy wagon.

When Bagley was found on the floor in the kitchen by a Callahan’s employee, that employee called 911. At that point, deputies and Oregon State Police troopers were already responding to an incident on I-5. That incident, detectives say, was Norman being struck by a vehicle and suffering fatal injuries.

Jackson County Sheriff’s detectives say that Norman had driven Bagley’s car south on Interstate 5 and stopped north of the 1-mile marker.

“He positioned the car in the middle of the roadway, turning to face oncoming (southbound) traffic. He got out of the car, armed with a rifle, and apparently waited for traffic to approach. The first vehicle known to encounter Norman was a gray 2015 Ram Crew Cab pickup driven by Thomas Bradley Moxon, 49, of Eagle Point. Moxon initially stopped when he encountered the Subaru parked in the roadway.”

Neil Norman then shot at Thomas Moxon’s vehicle, hitting it at least three times according to Jackson County Sheriff’s. Moxon then drove forward and struck Norman with his vehicle, causing fatal injuries. A juvenile was also present in the pickup and witnessed the incident.

Thomas Moxon drove a short distance to safer location and then called 911 to report that he had hit a man with a gun on I-5. Dispatch also received calls from other motorists reporting the incident.

Jakcson County Sheriff’s detectives spoke with Norman’s family members who say that they were surprised by the incident, but they did say that Neil Brian Noram had undiagnosed mental health issues.

The Major Assault and Death Investigation Unit (MADIU) is continuing to gather evidence. The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office says that based on information known at this time, detectives do not anticipate criminal charges will be filed.


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