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APPLEGATE, Ore.—Located on 55 acres in the beautiful Applegate valley, veterans and breast cancer survivors are being offered two-free yoga retreats.  This Sunday was designed for veterans and breast cancer survivors are invited to join in next Sunday.

“The importance for Sanctuary One and veterans is really at the core and heart of our mission, which is to connect people, animals, and the earth. We believe that together their better” said Megan Flowers, Exec. Director of Sanctuary One.

This weekends four-hour retreat allowed veterans like Kevin Knapp to find an opportunity for people to heal.

“A lot of veterans especially in the lower income brackets and when their homeless then tend to disassociate with other people.”

Flowers say that sanctuary one’s mission…to find peace for animals…is perfect for vets.

“With our veterans coming to the farm, there’s a place for the animals to find hope and healing as well as the people to find hope and healing.”

Sanctuary One and Rasa Center of Yoga say that since starting the event, there was an overwhelming amount of support, that’s why this year, they are offering two classes for free.

“These are people that have given so much to our country and its a little that we can do as a resource to them to be engaged with them.”

If you are a breast cancer survivor and would like to join in on the retreat next Sunday (5/26), please email [email protected]


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