Friendly Idaho elk hangs out with hunters

BOISE, Idaho (KTVB) – Idaho’s “Elliot the Friendly Elk” recently hung out with a group of hunters.

The elk was taken in as a calf and raised among humans.

Last month, Elliot encountered Trevor Chadwick and his family when he wandered into their camp near Bear Valley.

Trevor said, “He walked right up to myself and my sons. He just followed us around everywhere we went, whether it was my boys walking down the road, he’d follow them like a dog.”

Idaho Fish and Game relocated him to the Bear Valley area since it’s close to mating season.

The elk stayed with the group for about five days before fish and game officers came to get him.

The group said they became fast friends with Elliot.

Elliot is still with fish and game while they work to find him a permanent home. Charlie Justus with Idaho Fish and Game said, “We’re in the process of finding either an accredited zoo or a research facility or a nonprofit or something like that, that is interested in him. We’re committed to finding a place for him.”

Trevor added, “I think it’ll be a great education tool for people to see what can happen if you do things like that instead of allowing them to be wild.”

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