Governor Newsom recall election coming to an end

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (NBC) – California’s highly-anticipated recall election is coming to an end as voters head to the polls Tuesday to decide if Governor Gavin Newsom should stay in office.

Governor Newsom campaigned with President Joe Biden at an event in Long Beach Monday night.

The Democratic governor invoked former President Trump, citing the stakes for progressive causes such as voting rights, climate change and abortion. The president echoed that sentiment, saying the results of California’s election will “reverberate around the nation and around the world.” He also took a swipe at the leading Republican front-runner, calling conservative radio host Larry Elder a “clone of Donald Trump.”

On Monday, a website paid for by Elder’s campaign predicted his defeat, blaming unsubstantiated fraud claims. In an interview with NBC News, Elder repeatedly refused to say whether or not he would accept the results of Tuesday’s election.

NBC News’ Jacob Soboroff  asked Elder, “Whether or not you win or lose, will you accept the results of the election tomorrow?”

“I think we all ought to be looking at election integrity no matter whether you’re a Democrat, and Independent, or a Republican,” Elder replied. “Let’s all make sure that the election is a fair election, so let’s all work together no matter what the results are to make sure that the results are valid and legitimate and everybody who voted should have voted. Let’s all do that together.”

“Is that a commitment to accept the results of the election tomorrow?”

Elder said, “Let’s all do that together, let’s all work together on both sides of the alley to make sure that the election is a fair election.”

“Is that a commitment to accept the results of the election tomorrow?” asked Soboroff.

“Let’s all work together to find out whether or not the election tomorrow is a fair election, let’s all work together to do that,” Elder said.

“Racial justice is on the ballot tomorrow night. Economic justice is on the ballot tomorrow night. Social justice is on the ballot tomorrow night,” stated Governor Newsom. “We may have defeated Donald Trump but we have not defeated Trumpism. Trumpism is still on the ballot in California and that’s why it’s so important not just for all of us here— 40 million Americans strong in the nation’s largest and most populist state—but also to send a statement all across the United States of America that Trumpism has no place here and Trumpism will be defeated in the United States of America.”

California voters are being asked if Governor Newsom should be removed and who should replace him. There are 46 replacement candidates for voters to choose from. If a majority of people approve Newsom’s removal, the candidate who gets the most votes on the second question becomes governor.

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