“He would’ve died,”; JCSO K9 saves suspected criminal

Medford, Ore. — A pursuit by Medford police, ends with a life-saving rescue by a member of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Tracy Lenhardt and Titan have been partners for 3 and a half years now. The German Shepherd-Malinois mix has a pretty good track record, and this week, he added to it.

“He went down to the water just for a second, then back out,” Deputy  Lenhardt says.

The pair were called to  Table Rock Road Wednesday night, after a suspect believed to be driving a stolen car, took off on foot. After checking the surrounding area, they made their way down to Bear Creek. That’s when Titan caught a scent.

“Tracked up to here, went back down to the same area,” Dep. Lenhardt says, “and the next thing I know he just reaches down and grabs the guy by the shirt, pulls him up on to the embankment. ”

The man was motionless, but still breathing.

“He was blue when he came out, he was half in the fetal position, I  mean he was cold.”

Deputy Lenhardt says had it not been for Titan spotting him.

“He would’ve died,  I have no doubt.”

The suspect has been identified as Michael Sims of Washington state. Police say he was cited and released so he could get medical treatment. According to Lenhardt the man’s core body temperature at the hospital, was 80-degrees.

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