Health officials ask Americans to get vaccinated before the holidays

WASHINGTON, D.C (NBC) – With more than 50 million Americans expected to travel this week, the nation’s health officials hope they’re heading to get a vaccine shot before hitting the road or airport.

Across the country, there’s a push to get Americans vaccinated either through first shots or boosters. Health officials are still hoping to head off a winter holiday surge.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) said, “Get it before Thanksgiving and make sure that when you sit down to dinner with the people you love, you have the highest level of immunity to protect them.”

New COVID cases are up 50% since late October and Friday, the CDC approved booster shots for all adults over 18.

NIAID Director  Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “The vaccine themselves clearly are still highly effective. But you want to make sure the durability of that protection is longer. And that’s the reason why you get boosted.”

Monday is the deadline for federal workers to be vaccinated.

Low immunization rates in the TSA has fueled fears there will be a shortage of security screeners this week at the nation’s airports. But the Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said those fears are unfounded. On NBC’s Meet the Press, he said, “I have seen no indication that vaccine requirements are going to impact travel in any way.”

The number of daily vaccinations in the U.S. has nearly doubled in the past month, but more than 60 million Americans still remain unvaccinated.

The president’s top COVID advisor says those who are should enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving celebration.

“If you’re vaccinated, and hopefully you’ll be boosted too, and your family is, you can enjoy a typical Thanksgiving meal, Thanksgiving holiday with your family. There’s no reason not to do that.”

As of Monday, Washington, D.C. no longer has an indoor mask mandate.

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