Hot weather brings words of warning about heat exhaustion

MEDFORD, Ore.– Southern Oregon will be seeing triple digit temperatures over the next few days and it’s important to be aware of overheating.

Doctors want people to know that it’s not just the young and elderly that can be affected though. People planning on working or being active outside should watch for any symptoms of heat exhaustion or stroke.

Symptoms include confusion, trouble thinking clearly, hallucinations, rapid breathing and even passing out. For those attending the Jackson County Fair this weekend, it’s recommended you stay cool, hydrated and find shade if you feel hot.

“Drinking water is really important or even a sports drink if you’ve been perspiring a lot because we lose a lot of electrolytes through our sweat,” said Dr. Nicole Brooks.

Doctors like Brooks also encourage people to check their temperatures if they feel overheated. If your temperature is above 98 degrees, consider cooling off with water or air conditioning.

“If you’re taking your temperature and you’re having other symptoms, then if you reach a point of over 104 degrees Farenheit,” said Brooks. “That’s a pretty serious sign and you need to get some immediate medical attention.”

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