Investigators: fire started by marijuana cigarette

MEDFORD, Ore. – Investigators say a fire in a Medford neighborhood was sparked by a discarded marijuana cigarette.

According to Medford Fire-Rescue, on the evening of April 26 crews responded to a reported structure fire at a residence on Washington Street.

Fortunately, the fire didn’t spread past a few combustible items under a patio attached to the home and nobody was injured.

After the fire, investigators said they determined the cause to be a “discarded marijuana cigarette.” Apparently, the owner stomped out the cigarette near dry leaves and shrubs.

The ash from the cigarette likely smoldered and started a fire in the dry vegetation which eventually spread to the patio area.

After about 30 to 45 minutes, residents became aware of the fire and called 911 before more damage could be done.

A Medford Fire-Rescue crew helped to install a smoke alarm at the home and discussed fire prevention techniques with the family to help curb any further incidents.

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