Local couple gets engaged at Country Crossings

Medford, Ore. — A local couple got engaged in a big way during the Country Crossings Music Festival. It took months of planning, but spoiler alert – she said yes!

Justin Kruggel and Brittany Tambe have been together for more than two years. Friends said they knew from the beginning, he was the one for her and she was the one for him.

“They click so well and he made her smile bigger and brighter and her whole entire face lit up when she saw him,” said Katrina Sewell, close friend of Kruggel and Tambe.

“I gave him my number on one of my little tickets and told him to give me a call sometime,” Tambe said.

Justin still has the small scrap of a receipt Brittany wrote her number on when they first met. Which is why when it came time for the biggest question Justin would ever ask a person in his life, he knew it had to be special.

“Haha, I’ll let you tell the story. You did all the planning,” Tambe said.

Well, not quite. Justin did have some help from close friends.

“I wouldn’t have had the idea without Katrina,” he said.

“Immediately starting like four months ago, I called Luke Bryan, I called Keith Urban, I called everyone possible,” Sewell said.

But the task wasn’t that simple.

“Been trying for about five months to get the stage proposal set up, and wasn’t having any success,” he said.

“Everyone was just no no no,” Sewell said.

The day before the big event, Justin finally got the go-ahead he was waiting for.

“It comes to literally the day before the event and he gets a phone call from a band called Fogline and they were like – yeah, come up onto the stage,” Sewell said.

“Fogline pulled us up on stage and I proposed to Brittany,” he said.

He said the surprise worked seamlessly.

“They called Justin and I was like, pushing him up there and he grabbed my hand and was like – why am I going up there,” Tambe said.

Brittany may have had a lot of questions running through her head, but Justin only needed the answer to one.

“Eh, I was a little nervous – looked out across the crowd and there’s 500+ there. And then once I started talking, it was just like – it’s no big deal , it’s like it was just the two of us standing there,” he said.

“That’s every little girl’s dream to be proposed to in that way,” Tambe said.

“If you know Brittany – born and raised country girl, went to Crater, she’s a hunter a fisher, a hiker, this is her thing,” Sewell said.

Turns out everyone was in on it expect Brittany.

“It was so hard to keep it a secret for that whole period of time,” Sewell said.

“There was people in the crowd, like I had no idea it was even happening. I thought they were calling him up there for signatures or something,” Tambe said.

Brittany was right, she went home with not only a new ring, but she and justin also left with a guitar signed by all the members of Fogline and even a headliner.

“So we got all of our friends from Fogline on the guitar and Keith Urban right here,” he said.

One guitar that’ll provide a lifetime of memories.

“Something to always look up at, good memory of – remember that day I proposed to you,” he said.

The couple said they haven’t set a date quite yet, but they have nailed down music for the wedding. The couple said they asked Fogline if they’d want to perform at their wedding and the band said yes, pending their tour schedule.

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