Aggressive owl attacks fourth victim

Salem, Ore.– An aggressive owl is still on the prowl in Bush’s Pasture Park in Salem. Four victims say they have been attacked while running or walking on the trails. Luckily, the injuries reported have all been minor.

The latest victim is Brad Hilliard. Hilliard states, “So I spun around trying to see what was behind me and nothing was there. And started kind of looking around, and then it kinda hit me…’wait a minute, my hat’s actually gone.'” The barred owl had swooped in, scratched his head, and stole his cap.

Park workers have put up warning signs for any runners or walkers in the area. The Parks Department believes it is a barred owl, normally found in Eastern Oregon. It is believed the owl could be protecting territory or a nest.

Park officialsstate they have no plans to catch the aggressive owl, “Wildlife needs to address it and come up with a safe way to do something with them that if this is not a normal habitat for them then maybe find a normal habitat somehow.”

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