APD body cam & taser upgrade wanted

MEDFORD, Ore. – Ashland City Council will be considering upgrading the police department’s tasers and body camera equipment.

APD says that tasers and body cams are essential for police duty.

The agency says that body cams, in particular, help with the collection of evidence and reviewing the conduct of the police force.

And it says the tasers, or conducted energy weapons, are great for exercising non-lethal force.

Equipment like these are obtained through a five- year contract with Axon Enterprises, one that APD says they want to renew and can actually be done cheaper than in the past.

Equipment upgrades would be included with this renewal.

The upgrade includes an integrated feature between body cams and tasers.

APD Deputy Chief, Dan Moulin said, “they have a feature in them, it’s called the ‘Axon Signal.’ So, if an officer draws their taser and they arm it or turn it on, it will automatically send that signal out that will activate the body cameras, so we don’t have to think about turning them on ourselves, in the middle of that type of situation.”

The signal works up to a 30-meter radius.

They also say that the dash cams in their vehicles are also through the same company.

APD says this integration allows them to do their jobs more efficiently.

The September 18th City Council meeting starts at 6p.m.

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