Black Bird is looking to open a new location

MEDFORD, Ore. – The popular Medford outdoor sports store with an iconic look is planning to open a new location in Phoenix. Family-owned Black Bird has been serving Jackson County for over 50-years.

Now for the first time in its history the company is looking to expand. Management says they are investing around 5-million dollars into a new 20-thousand square foot building in Phoenix. After the Almeda Fire, management says it started looking at ways it could contribute to the area.

“Once that happened in Phoenix we really started looking towards that area because we knew, we could feel that the community could really benefit from the type of merchandise that we can offer, and we wanted to get involved in rebuilding that area,” said Jonathan Quitt, Vice President of Black Bird.

The business is still in the design phase of the process right now and is looking to apply for city permits in the next couple weeks. Once opened, Quitt says the new location will provide around 30-jobs to Phoenix.

And don’t worry, Quitt says there will be a Black Bird statue built at the new location.


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