Car Thefts On Rise In Klamath Falls

If today is an average day, at least one car will be stolen in Klamath County.

Jason Nelson of the ‘Crave’ Bakery was loading his delivery car one morning…when someone drove off with it.

“It was pretty much unbelievable.” Recalls Nelson. “I kind of scratched my head, thinking, ‘maybe I parked my car somewhere else’. You never think like something like this would happen to you.”

Detective Eric Shepherd of the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office says Nelson isn’t alone…and that car thefts in Klamath Falls are on the rise.

“Between 10/1 and 11/1, there’s been approximately 28 reported stolen cars.” Notes Detective Shepherd. “Which is almost about one a day.”

Nelson reports that his car was found last Thursday in Eureka, California…

“And it was pretty much totaled.”

Detective Shepherd points out that most car thefts are ‘thefts of opportunity’…

“Cars running, key in the car, extra key laying in plain view, people need a ride.”

Shepherd adds that cold mornings provide additional opportunities…

“If you go to start your car, and let it warm up, if you leave the keys in it, and leave it unattended, you’re likely to be a victim.”

Nelson offers this advice…

“Just be vigilant, and observant. There was a few people around that I didn’t even, it didn’t cross my mind – to take an extra look at them, or an extra glance. So it can really happen to anyone.”

Jason’s stolen car is beyond repair.

He’s now using a new car to deliver his baked goods.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there were over 721,000 cars stolen last year in the U.S.

F.B.I. statistics show that there’s a car stolen about every 44 seconds.

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