DoorDash driver says he was scammed of nearly $2k

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. – A Jacksonville man said he was scammed out of almost $2,000 after working for DoorDash. He’s now trying to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Dru Philips is born and raised in the Rogue Valley, he can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. He’s Door-dashing as a side hustle to save money for a family vacation post-pandemic.

But he says right as he reached his goal $1,800 was taken out of his account. He clicked on a link and his money was gone.

“I was told to cancel a delivery at Arby’s and next thing I know I’m being sent crazy confirmation codes,” said Philips.

Philips said he filed a report with both the Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Office and DoorDash, but it didn’t help.

“The case has been closed, it’s been reopened, it’s been disputed. What I heard last was it’s too late to get the funds back. Just take it as a loss,” said Philips.

Now he’s warning other DoorDashers that the same thing can happen to them.

“I just want other people to know out there that the money with door dash isn’t necessarily safe. You should probably cash it out every single day that’s what I do now,” said Philips.

Philips isn’t the only DoorDasher to experience fraud. Similar stories have appeared in news articles from across the country. One got their money back, another is waiting for reimbursement. Philips is still holding out hope.

We reached out to DoorDash, the company said…

We have been in touch with the Dasher involved and are actively investigating the situation with the hopes of resolving this quickly. To keep account information secure it is critical that all users keep sensitive information confidential at all times.

A DoorDash spokesperson said they are currently in touch with Philips about his experience. They said he might be a victim of a phishing scam, where he pressed on a link for someone else to access his account. The company said they send regular communications reminding all Dashers, as well as consumers to protect their account information by not sharing any personal or sensitive account information with others. DoorDash said if any user suspects fraudulent activity, they should immediately contact customer support to help resolve the issue.

DoorDash said it’s also implementing a number of changes to help keep Dasher accounts secure. It includes additional controls, as well as performing additional and recurring ID verification checks for Dashers to validate their identities. They’ve also ramped up Dasher multi-factor authentication. DoorDash said if the company detects suspicious activity during login, it will automatically challenge the user by sending a code through SMS or email.

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