Police investigating how former school custodian charged with attempted murder got guns

MEDFORD, Ore. – NBC5 News is learning more about how a former custodian was able to pass a background check for the Medford School District. Medford Police told NBC5 News the 24-year-old was planning a mass casualty event at South Medford High School.

The Medford School District said they have a multi-layered approach background check for employees. Not only going through criminal records but a drug test and reference check. One thing they don’t check is mental health.

“We did all three of those with this individual and everything came back clean. No prior convictions, no indication of anything wrong,” said Natalie Hurd from Medford School District.

Medford School District said they are always looking to improve safety and security. The district said this hiring system shouldn’t just be looked at locally, but statewide.

The former custodian was also prohibited from owning firearms since 2019. Yet, Medford Police said they found a number of guns in his possession. Police told NBC5 News he was able to get the weapons through different channels but didn’t provide specifics. Medford detectives found several guns, ammunition, tactical gear, and writings on his plans to carry out the event at different private locations throughout Jackson County.

“Sometimes people indicate they are a danger to others, but never to this extent and never to this being planned out and involved with this much specifics and this many steps going forward going towards that,” said Lt. Mike Budreau, Medford Police Dept.

We followed up with Medford Police Friday for specifics on how clay got the weapons. They declined to comment further.

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