Jackson County Animal Shelter reopens, dog adoptions available

Dec. 4 Update: Dog adoptions are scheduled to reopen December 5th. Stacy Brubaker of Jackson County Health & Human Services says the treatment the dogs have been receiving has been making an impact.

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Jackson County Animal Shelter is back open to the public, but they’re still not allowing dog adoptions.

The concern is due to a respiratory illness mimicking Kennel Cough. The shelter closed before Thanksgiving but is now reopened to volunteers and visitors.

Stacy Brubaker with Jackson County Health & Human Services said it’s hard to give an exact number of infected dogs as some as asymptomatic.

At this time, dog adoptions are still postponed until December 5th.

While the county shelter is seeing ill dogs, the Southern Oregon Humane Society told NBC5 they haven’t seen any cases, but because the problem is widespread, they’re taking precautions to keep animals safe.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Oregon Department of Agriculture has seen over 200 cases since August. They say cases reported usually have symptoms of inflammation of the trachea, chronic pneumonia, or acute pneumonia that rapidly becomes severe. They say the Oregon Department of Agriculture is working alongside the Oregon Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratories and the National Veterinary Services Laboratories to discover more about this illness. They advise dog owners to be up to date on their dogs’ vaccinations and to avoid contact with other dogs until the illness is contained.

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