Josephine Co. Sheriff’s Deputy saves little girl

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – A little girl is safe at home after a Josephine Co. Sheriff’s Deputy saved her life last month. She had a seizure.

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare and a situation you never want to be put in.

“I basically ran inside and saw the little girl laying there,” said Dep. Christopher Petetit.

Three-year-old Mosaia Hannah was playing with some friends when her parents said she had a seizure days before Thanksgiving.

“I checked for a pulse, but she didn’t have one,” said Petetit.

They called 911 that’s when Josephine County Sheriff Deputy Christopher Petetit came to the rescue. He said Mosaia was unconscious and turning purple.

“I began infant CPR, after a period of time I couldn’t tell you how long it was it seemed like an eternity. She took a big gasp,” said Petetit.

Soon after, the ambulance and firefighters arrived on-scene to take little Mosaia to the hospital.

“I’ve seen situations like this in the past where the outcome isn’t what normally what we had,” said Petetit

Before Petetit was a Sheriff’s Deputy he was an EMT and before that he was a Marine.┬áBut even though we know he’s a hero, Petetit says he’s just doing his job.

“I happened to be the closest person. There’s not a single deputy here, an officer with the city, a state trooper, a firefighter, or a paramedic or EMT/ AMR that wouldn’t have done the same exact thing,” said Petetit.

Thursday night Mosaia was reunited with her hero, and the family got to thank him in person for what he did.

We reached out to the family Friday. While they couldn’t do an interview, they did tell me they are so grateful for the deputy’s hard work.

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