Keeping kids away from Oregon cannabis edibles

Klamath Falls, Ore. – NBC5’s exclusive story about a boy in Klamath Falls who got sick after eating a medical marijuana cookie over the weekend sparked a lot of viewer feedback.

A Klamath Falls medical marijuana dispensary owner says extra steps are being taken in Oregon to prevent kids from eating ‘medibles’.

8-year-old Jackson Hart was hospitalized Saturday after he accidentally ate a medical cannabis cookie. Jackson said, “It felt like I was vibrating up and down, and that everything looked like it wasn’t real.”

Klamath Falls dispensary owner Ed Medina says the cookie came from out of state, and says Oregon is taking extra steps to keep cannabis away from kids. “Particularly edible products are packaged in childproof packaging that’s not easily opened by young children,” Medina said.

That includes tear-resistant film that has to be opened with a scissors, and a design warning of marijuana content, which could soon be on all Oregon cannabis products. “It’s required that no cartoon characters, or anything that can be considered attractive to children are used on the labeling,” adds Medina.

But, once the products are out of the packaging it’s nearly impossible to tell ‘medicated’ from ‘non-medicated’. Medina believes cannabis should be treated the same way as prescription drugs, or alcohol.

You’ll find a link to plenty of information about Oregon’s rules on medical marijuana right here:

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