Modoc County woman sentenced to death

Alturas, California – Cherie Rhoades of Modoc County is sentenced to death for the brutal murder of four people in Alturas.

Hedi Bogda was in the Cedarville Rancheria Tribal Office when the shooting began.  “Cherie walked in, and within minutes of the hearing started, she pulled out a gun and started shooting people.”

The shooting took place in February of 2014.

Those killed include 50 year old Rurik Davis, Rhoades’ brother; 19 year old Angel Penn, Rhoades’ niece; 30 year old Glenn Calonico, Cherie Rhoades’ nephew; and 47 year old Sheila Russo, a court administrator.

Two other people were injured, but survived the attack.

At a hearing Monday morning, Rhoades was sentenced to death.

“I thought it was the right verdict.”  Said Modoc County District Attorney Jordan Funk.  “I thought it was a courageous decision by the court, I don’t think it was an easy decision by the judge.”

Brandi Pratt is related to three of the victims.  “I’m happy about what has happened, I’m happy she’s got the death penalty, but it doesn’t bring my family back – and it never will.”

D.A. Funk notes the judge denied a defense request for a retrial.  “I think the court was absolutely correct to steer clear of that to the extent that she could.”

Video of the shooting was a key piece of evidence in the case.

Hedi Bogda was on that video.

“I was in the middle of the room, behind a table.”  Recalled Bogda.  “And I survived because my friend, and former roommate, Sheila Russo, grabbed me and threw me on the ground – and I ended up playing dead.”

The judge has ordered the Modoc County Sheriff to transport Cherie Rhoades to San Quentin Prison within ten days.


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