New activism focused mobile game from local game development company

MEDFORD, Ore. – A new video game created by a local business is on the horizon, that aimed at making social change.

Jessica Murrey is the CEO of Wicked Saints Studios, a game development company based in Medford.

Murrey said,

“Our game is designed to make you feel better, so it’s designed to make you feel more powerful, to build your confidence and to go out into the world and be able to tackle whatever life throws at you.”

Right now, her team and the staff at the Retro Wormhole store in Downtown Medford, are excited to share a new game on the way, called World Reborn.

It’s a game available on mobile devices, that Murrey says is the first ‘adventure activism game.’

She said,

“The very cool thing about it is the more you play, the better you feel, so just like a normal game where you go in to escape, this escape; you actually, as you play, reality gets better.”

There will be a lot in the game to experience, but Murrey says that it’s an interactive narrative- driven game that uses the real world in its game play.

You’ll be interacting with characters, helping them solve problems and saving multiple worlds.

The global launch won’t happen until a little over a year, but there is a way to get early access.

Murrey said,

“We’re going to be releasing new builds every month, but you only get access to it on our Discord channel. And so, I want to make sure that my Southern Oregon community gets its access right away, I want to get every young person we can on board.”

All you have to do is when you arrive at the Retro Wormhole is you’re going to look for the World Reborn flyers.

Then you’re going to scan the QR code and then you will become one of the Discord members that gets early special access to the game.

The Retro Wormhole staff say they’re happy to be sharing the game with their customers.

Owner, Nick DeAngelis said,

“There’s a healthier way to video games. I think video games need to have a bridge that includes a socialization element, in the real world. So, I am a huge supporter of this concept, I can’t even express it enough.”

For the Discord early access, you can also go here.

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