Olympic games inspire local gymnasts

Medford, Ore. — As the world’s best gymnasts take the stage in Rio the spirit is being felt by young athletes in the Rogue Valley.

America’s Best Kids in Medford has about 900 gymnasts working to perfect their sport, and the program’s director said enrollment spikes about five percent during the Olympic games.

Coach Andrea Majano said the number of athletes at the gym isn’t the only thing that changes during the competitions, the environment at the gym changes too.

“The atmosphere gets to that whole USA! kind of feel to it so it’s pretty fun,” Majano said.

11-year-old Kaylee Lovern has been practicing her sport for more than a year. She said watching to games gives her an extra push.

“All the time I’m thinking how would Simone Biles do this or Aly Raisman or Gabby Douglas do it?,” she said.

If you’re watching from home and feel inspired to try America’s Best Kids has an open gym every Friday night from 7:00 – 8:00. It’s $5 and open to all ages and skill levels.

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