Oregon licenses won’t be enough to fly starting October 1st, 2020

Oregon — Oregonians looking to fly out of state next fall will need updated identification to comply with federal ‘Real I.D.’ laws.

Starting in October of 2020, an Oregon license will no longer meet the federal standards to get you on a plane or in many government buildings.

Even newly issued Oregon licenses don’t meet the requirements. Instead, Oregonians will need a passport or a ‘Real I.D.’ which is entirely separate from a license.

“If you have always wanted to get a passport and never have, now would be a good time to do that, then you can leave your Oregon Driver’s license exactly as it is,” said ODOT Spokesperson Shelley Snow

The DMV just unveiled a new website to help with the process once ‘Real I.D.’ cards are made available next July.

You can find the info at Oregon.gov/realid

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