Pear Blossom Parade brings community together

MEDFORD, Ore. — “It’s a big big part of being a Medford resident,” explained Greg Gephart, sitting with his family as he waits for the parade to start.

“We’re originally from the bay area in California, we moved up here two and a half years ago.”

“We went to the Chinese New Year Parade in Jacksonville, that was fun. That was a lot of fun. Just, you know, kind of the same atmosphere. I like it. Definitely more close-knit than going to, like, San Francisco. San Francisco is just so big and there’s just so many, you know, things going on that it’s hard to really enjoy the atmosphere like you can here. It’s a lot more close-knit, more — more intimate.”

“It’s a nice little gathering, there’s obviously community efforts in here, so really looks like a good thing to keep coming to.”

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