Sabotage destroys ambulance, says Klamath Co. volunteer firefighting agency

KLAMATH COUNTY, Ore —Earlier this month, in Klamath County, the Rocky Point Fire District’s only ambulance, was found inoperable after unknown contents were found in its engine. Volunteer crews say someone sabotaged the ambulance.

The discovery was made by crews on their way to a call on April 8th. The engine died completely and had to call for a backup ambulance, while crews had to wait for a tow truck. An EMT on the scene of the emergency had to provide medical services while waiting for a Klamath Falls ambulance to arrive.

“Sometimes I lay awake at night going why would someone do this to us we give all our time and effort to the community and this happens,” said Bruce Harp, Rocky Point Fire & EMS.

The estimated cost to replace the engine is $20,000 dollars. An ambulance has since been loaned from basin ambulance, to continue to provide services.

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