Salute to Veterans – Charles Jackson

Klamath Falls, Ore. – Charles Jackson says if it wasn’t for the military, his life would be very different.

“I’d be in jail, or prison if I never joined the military.”  Says Jackson.  “Just sleeping on someone’s couch, going house to house – so it’s just the greatest thing I ever did in my life.  Other than having kids!”

Jackson joined the Marines in 2001, and served 4 years.

He then enlisted in the Army National Guard.

Jackson served three tours of duty in Afganistan, and one in Iraq.

“It’s really a great honor to be able to fight in the world’s greatest military.”  Notes Jackson.

His wife Eleanor gave birth to two children while Jackson was overseas.

Jackson believes that may have made him a better soldier:  “Really kept you more alert than you were, because you’re about ready to bring a new life into the world, and you want to be able to visit your child.”

Jackson is proud of his Native American ancestry.

“I’m Modoc and Hoopa, and Yahooskin Band of Snake River Indians.”  Explains Jackson.  “My father’s full blood, and my mother, she’s from Wales.”

The Klamath County resident believes that positive mentors are heroes, if only to one person.

“Take them woodcutting, and show them a positive way to spend your time, and help other people out.”

And that’s just how Jackson plans to spend Veterans’ Day.

“Going to be with my son, and my daughters – probably going fishing, out at Sprague River.”

But, he says he still greatly appreciates the public Veterans’ Day observations…

“I think it’s wonderful that America takes a day to support their veterans.”



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